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Jersey Farm

We are a family farm, and have bottle fed and raised all our naturally bred Jersey cows from birth. We have one of the purest, natural Jersey herds in Ohio. Many milking females in our healthy herd are 11 years or older, and we never sell our milking cows.

Our goal has always been to produce naturally delicious and nutritious foods for your family while preserving the natural integrity of the land.

Hinds Jersey Farm

Simply Great Wholesome Nutrition, Naturally.

All Natural, 100% Pasture Raised and Grass-fed, Jersey Steer Bulk Beef from Hinds Jersey Farm contains No Added Growth Hormones, No GMO"s, No Steroids or Chemical Injections , and No Antibiotics.

Jersey steer beef is actually the second best marbling breed after the Wagyu and that has been proven time and again. In fact the ratings are #1 Wagyu, #2 Jersey, #3 Guernsey, #4 Angus; and then there are others. Jerseys marble very good, and our cows accumulate tons of healthy nutrients like Omega-3s, Vitamins K12, E & B, conjugated linoleic acid, and NO bad fats like saturated & Omega-6s.

Why buy direct from us? You'll cut out the wholesalers, distributors and retailers, which will save you money, all the while getting our high quality, pasture raised beef at a lower cost than the grocery store mystery meat. By purchasing your beef in a bulk share bundle, you spread your overall pound cost across all cuts of beef, instead of just prime cuts, again, saving your family money.

Affordable and Fresh

HJF Cow Share Program

A Cow Share is a portion of a whole steer, which is then prepared to your specifications and packaged for your freezer. You are actually buying a share of a live animal. In your harvested share you receive a full assortment of premium cuts - the difference is just how many pounds of each cut you receive is relative to the share amount of the animal you purchased.

We totally tend to your LIVE cow "share" by providing him acres of room and board along with a pesticide and herbicide free grassy pasture and tasty hay grown and collected ONLY on our farm. We do not fatten/finish or feed your share with corn grains, chemicals or hormone injections. Grass-fed is not the same thing as organic. Organic meat can come from grain-fed cows, as long as their grain was organic. Some beef is both organic and grass-fed. But they are not the same thing! We only raise healthy 100% Grass and Pasture raised cattle.

We never rush the growing of the beef steers we raise, for it takes a few years for every animal to develope large enough naturally to harvest. Sometimes expect be placed on our wait-list, or notice that the particular share/bundle you wish to purchase is unavailable due to this fact.

Satisfaction Guarenteed!

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100% Pasture Raised Beef

Always Processed Locally

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We want to make your experience with ordering from us as enjoyable as eating one of our 100% grass fed beef burgers or steaks. Your questions, inquiries and comments are always appreciated.

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